Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My boys and me by Kaari Winger

While we were in California, one of my good friends, Kaari, is a photographer and captured some of the Cutest pictures of my boys!!! I was a little hesitant to get pictures done, not because of Kaari, but because Andrew had already gone back to the Bahamas and I Really wanted him to be in them, but Andrew convinced me to do it and I am So So So happy he did. They turned out Super Cute!!

Oh Ya Dilly Boy!! Strut your stuff kid!! Hahaha

This one Cracks me up!! 

"Show me your eyes" Hmmm, not exactly. Hahaha

He has the Sweetest smile :) 

I Love his smile!

Conner's famous, "I'm trying not to smile" face. Hahaha

That mischievous look of his. Hahaha

Love this one of Tyson :)

I am in LOVE with these pictures!! Kaari captured their personalities Soo well!!! I am Sooo Grateful she took these photos of my boys and me and I Cannot wait for her to photograph us with Andrew!!  :)

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Carolyn said...

These pictures are gorgeous!!! I love them.