Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sweet Maddie girl's Birthday Party

Bretton and Paul's little girl, Maddie, turned 2 today!!! Her and Dylan have become good friends and Bretton and I have become good friends. We Love this little family! 

Coco and Dyaln enjoying a boat ride with Bretton, Maddie and Lavae

Maddie and her mommy, Bretton 

Maddie and her daddy, Paul

The boys enjoying some cupcakes and cake

Lots of friends from town 

Birthday girl 

Baby Stewart was Hilarious! Hiding while eating his cupcake

Alina, Maddie, Levae, Nicholee

Alina, babyStewart, Tyson, Conner, Dylan, Benjamin, Stephan, Jamie, Maddie, Levae, Nicholee

They were So sweet to invite us all to the bday party! The kids and us had a Great time!! Happy Birthday Maddie!! We Love You!! <3 div="" nbsp="">

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My boys and me by Kaari Winger

While we were in California, one of my good friends, Kaari, is a photographer and captured some of the Cutest pictures of my boys!!! I was a little hesitant to get pictures done, not because of Kaari, but because Andrew had already gone back to the Bahamas and I Really wanted him to be in them, but Andrew convinced me to do it and I am So So So happy he did. They turned out Super Cute!!

Oh Ya Dilly Boy!! Strut your stuff kid!! Hahaha

This one Cracks me up!! 

"Show me your eyes" Hmmm, not exactly. Hahaha

He has the Sweetest smile :) 

I Love his smile!

Conner's famous, "I'm trying not to smile" face. Hahaha

That mischievous look of his. Hahaha

Love this one of Tyson :)

I am in LOVE with these pictures!! Kaari captured their personalities Soo well!!! I am Sooo Grateful she took these photos of my boys and me and I Cannot wait for her to photograph us with Andrew!!  :)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sickness and rain in California

So since New Year's, Andrew got sick, which stinks because he was only here until the 3rd, and Conner may or may not have gotten sick Again. It was really weird. He threw up once in the middle of the night and then was fine after that, so I'm not sure what happened.  Andrew's family said a few of them got sick Again, so not sure what happened to Conner.

Then my parents, some of my siblings, and some of their kids got sick. I think we brought the sickness with us. I felt really bad :( but we all were able to recover from it.

Dylan got into my makeup! Good thing it was in CA though, it's Sooo hard to find the makeup I like here, in the Bahamas, and it's Way more expensive too!!

But it is Really hard to get mad at that face, lol...

We had a much needed doughnut day!!! 

And hanging out with family and friends is the Best part of coming home!! :) 

Ashley and her girls came down to visit!! It was So much fun catching up, hanging out, and seeing them!! 

Dylan and Fin got along Real well! Hahaha (we didn't even coach them on this) too Cute!

I wish I had gotten more pictures of all the cousins!! I Really need to be better at getting my camera out!! 

And then walking to my parents house from Katie's house, I was able to capture this... 
Melt my heart <3 nbsp="" p="">

Conner had some of the Best Smiles the whole time we were in the states! It was Soo worth every dime that we spent to get here. To hear my kids laugh and play, and be with friends, cousins, family, it was Seriously the BEST!!! 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year's with the Pitt's 2016-2017

We flew down from Idaho yesterday morning and a couple hours later took Dylan in to my mom's urgent care that she works at. Conner, Tyson and I have all been sick and Dylan last night was making me nervous with his fever and being really lethargic. We got it down, but he still wasn't feeling much better today, so we took him in. He is definitely sick, poor baby. We got him some medication and my mom said she hasn't been feeling super great, so she offered to stay home with him for New Year's while we went over to Katie's with the rest of the kids.

The only thing I captured from New Year's night was this video...

We were all dying!! This is a pretty funny game, and we got some Real good laughs!! I wish I had gotten more videos and pictures with everyone with the guards in our mouths!

All in all we had a pretty fun night, enjoying it with family and friends! 2017 I'm curious what you have in store for us, but I'm excited to see what happens :) Happy New Year's Everyone!!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hurricane Matthew

And so it begins... Again.

The preparation for another hurricane.

Hurricane Matthew is on its way to us.
We've talked little about it, and then about 24 hours ago I got a text from Andrew saying they are recommending us/families to leave the island.
15 min later our flights are booked to leave Monday morning for Florida.

We've obviously started keeping a closer track on updates and the projection of the hurricane. It went from talking about it yesterday to a tropical storm, maybe a hurricane, category 1 to a cat. 2 and even going into a cat. 3. All families are being advised to leave the island.

This has never happened. To us. We've never been advised to book flights and leave. This is a first.

When Andrew first told me that he booked our flights, I was nervous to leave. This island, the island which has been our home for the last year and a half. This Beautiful place with luscious greenery everywhere. Bright blues and greens, a sort of turquoise ocean color you've never seen before. To leave our friends, the people on this island who won't or can't leave, who will be here to ride it out. And the people, they are some of the nicest and helpful people you'd meet. And happy. They don't have much, but they don't need much. They live within their means, cuz really that's all that they can afford.  They look after each other and take care of each other.  And I feel guilty leaving, leaving them behind in hopes that Hurricane Matthew doesn't ruin their homes and surroundings. Guilty because I Can afford to get off the island to some place that is safe and our family out of harms way, if this hurricane does in fact become something to fear.

I truly think everything will be alright, but it just puts things in perspective for me. How people live, it opens my eyes to a whole new level. My conversations have changed a little bit. I realize how much I don't "need" in life, and my priorities have also shifted a little. I know I won't live here forever, but I hope and pray the day that I leave, that I don't forget about Abaco, Bahamas, the people on Great Guana Cay. The humbleness I feel in every part of me, for living on this 7mile by not quite 2 mile island. It's Soo easy to slip back into those comfortable ways, to adjust to what you grew up with and around. Electricity everyday of every hour of your life. Walking outside and not being completely attacked by mosquitos and no-seums (mostly certain times of the day, hahaha). Water that doesn't come from the rain to support the way you live, what you drink, when to shower or use the laundry or even wash dishes. Fresh fruit and vegetables whenever you want. An inclosed car when it rains. (even though I laugh each time it happens, and I really actually Love it, it's still humbling) To not take things for granted. I don't want to do that. I want to forever remember this place and how it's changed a part of me.

Sorry, Really got monologuing there.
Anyway, this storm... as of last night it went up to about a Cat. 5 and this morning, it's back down to a Cat. 4.
It's slowing down but strengthening.
We are prepping our house and getting it ready for the hurricane. Putting all our pink shutters up over the windows, bringing in all the outside furniture, things that could damage the house if caught up in the hurricane. And in case we can't get off the island, making sure we have stuff in the house to eat and get us through it. Andrew is helping prepare the homes in Baker's as well. I'm really not too worried, this is just what goes on for the prep before a hurricane comes. Last year all the hurricanes that projected to come our way, never did, so it's also a little hard for me to believe this could actually happen, here, to us and our home.

As of right now, this is what it looks like...

Kind of crazy. 

This is the first time I actually feel like this is real and our preparations show it. Tomorrow we will finish getting everything together before we head out the following day. 
If I'm good about keeping up on this blog like I had hoped I would start to do, I'll be posting again when we get back. Half of our friends and people here have already left the island to a safer place, the rest of us will soon be following or staying. 

Even though I believe everything will be alright, please keep us all in your prayers, especially those who are staying here. I Love the people here and pray that they will be kept safe. <3 nbsp="" p="">